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  1. Edie remembers meeting DJBH in Bangkok, Thailand

  2. Janet recalls a DJBH show in Chicago

From: Edie

DJBH visited Bangkok, Thailand and were in Singapore the day before. They all had to get their hair cut when entering Singapore because it's against the law for men to have hair below the collar! They were all most unhappy about that, but to tell you the truth, they looked pretty good to me. Unfortunately, I can't find the exact date, but if I do, I'll let you know.

DJBH Show Program

We were there (my family) and spent most of the day with them. In the morning (7:30 am), we went to the airport to meet them. They were very tired and poor Micky was so sick from "travel tummy" and his arm was throbbing. We did the fan thing for awhile-they signed autographs and my brother took pictures. I wouldn't let him take flash, so they're not very good, but I remember what they are about!

Anyway, it seems that the manager was not familiar with the many unexpected set backs that the underdeveloped world can challenge you with. They had not provided the proper transportation for all the guys (9) and the luggage. Also, the vans they had were not airconditioned. Well, poor Davy was furious and had a fit. I decided to exit to the car at that point. Mom tried to smooth things over, as usual.

The main concern was Micky, so Mom offered to take him and one other person wherever they needed to go. So, Micky got in the car with me, much to my surprise. Tommy Boyce also rode with us in airconditioned "luxury". We had to go to the police station for some reason that I can't recall. It took a very long time, due to the terrible traffic there. When we finally got to the police station, we saw Davy on the lookout for us.

We went in and waited for a very long time for whatever was supposed to happen. It was very hot. Every now and then, Davy would come over and dare someone to steal the secretary's coke because we were all dying of thirst, but mostly he kept to himself. Micky, Tommy, Bobby Hart and the other guys gathered around Mom to hear more entertaining stories about life overseas -- my father was foreign service.

Finally, we headed to the hotel, which took another several hours. It was called the Dusit Thani-it may have changed names since then. That was where the show was, too. We had dinner as a family at the hotel and were eventually joined by DJBH. They ate with my parents while my brother and I scoped out good seats in the auditorium.

After the show, they all came down again to have drinks with us. I think they were happy to have some help in navigating this strange land and in getting suggestions about things to do. We were headed for Singapore the next day for vacation, so we couldn't spend more time with them, but we did exchange money! I still have a Singapore dollar that Tommy Boyce gave to me.

What impressed me the most was Davy's devotion to Micky. All he seemed to care about was taking care of him. He worried about him after the show and was sharing with us his concern. He ordered tea for Micky and made it for him. Micky talked like a baby. It was very sweet. Micky also, despite his poor health, kept us very entertained with all kinds of voices and bits from Star Trek and Modern Warfare Magazine, among others. He had just read Future Shock and was very enthusiastic about it. He also noticed EVERYTHING and asked about everything. He especially liked the trucks in Thailand, which are elaborately decorated with colored tin and mirrors.

Tommy Boyce was very sweet and friendly. We enjoyed his company a great deal and were all very saddened by his death.

Anyway, just thought you'd like to hear a fan story from that tour! It was a once in a lifetime experience for sure. We were all very impressed with the warmth and ease that they all shared with us. If you can figure out when they were in Singapore, you'll know the date they played in Bangkok!

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From: Janet Lamb

Here is my DJBH memory:

DJBH will always hold a special place in my heart. I was in college in 1975 and DJBH just started out. We saw them on TV, like on American Bandstand, but we did not hear them on top 40 Chicago radio stations like WLS & WCFL. You see, it was not cool to be a Monkee fan in 1975 - they were passť, over, done with, has beens. My friend & I thought we were the only Monkee fans left in the world. I am not kidding - all our friends thought we were so weird or totally immature.

But did that stop us???? NO - We proceed to put up posters on campus, write letters & call radio stations.

Then in December of 1975 DJBH put on a Toys For Tots Concert at the Chicago Theater. Armed with our toy (the admission price) we headed out for our first Monkee experience. We were surprised at the amount of people there. Looking back, though, the second wave of Monkee fans had started.


We got in line and got pretty good seats. The concert was fabulous, but oh so surreal. I remember just looking at them in awe - I had loved since I was 11, and now I was seeing them - what a dream come true.

One of my first thoughts was, "God, they are skinny!" They truly looked like they were having a good time. They were dressed in such 70's clothes - it makes me chuckle now. They sang all the Monkee hits and Boyce & Hart hits. One thing that stands out in my mind was that they all had tambourines.

They did not play their own instruments on stage. They were up front with a band behind them. Tommy did play guitar on some songs.

The routine during Last Train To Clarksville left a lasting impression on me. When doing karaoke now I find myself repeating it. Also Micky came out dressed like Alice Cooper complete with a boa singing Steppin' Stone. What a hoot. I actually tried to repeat it for some friends & ended up breaking my foot. You should have been there when I was explaining that to my parents.

The audience response was great. I remember singing along with everyone else. She was one of the loudest songs. The high point had to be when they sang their new song. You could feel the energy in the air. It was, of course, I Remember The Feeling. It brought the house down. You see, we had not had a new record in about 8 years.

When the concert was over, they played I Remember The Feeling again & again over the loud speaker - enough times that we were able to remember the words and sing them all the way home on the CTA!! To sum it up, it was quite an experience. Even though I have had many Monkee experiences since then, nothing is quite like the first time. It was magical.

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