You Can’t Make This Stuff Up
Saturday March 08th 2008, 2:19 pm
Filed under: Cool gear,Weirdness

In the words of Dave Barry, I swear I’m not making this up.


Ladies and gentlemen of the band and orchestra, I give you the VIBRASS.

From the sales pitch:

VIBRASS is a completely new device for massaging the lips and facial muscles. A vibrating mouthpiece gently massages the lips increasing the blood circulation. VIBRASS helps to relax and regenerate the embouchure after a concert or practising. Tired and aching lips are no longer a problem.

So, for all you brass and double reed players, if you’ve got issues with a tired and aching embouchure, relief is at hand (or at lips, as the case may be).

Hat tip to Dave Barry’s Blog for bringing this “Musical Product of the Millennium” to Mom’s attention!

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