About Stagemom

Like any good stage mother, Stagemom.com is a pushy mom — one who wants to help you maximize your income from your musical career.

You may not like to think of it this way, but if you want to make a living at this you must become as much marketers as you are musicians. But this doesn’t mean “selling out”! Not at all.

No, the goal is simply to help you become independent. To maintain creative freedom. To have fun doing what you love.

But the musical world is changing fast. It’s no longer necessary to sign a major label contract to become a successful musician. In fact, the way major labels do business, you’ll potentially walk away more money and keep more of your artistic integrity if you don’t land a contract.

That is, you will if you have a solid plan for marketing yourself.

Listen, the musical landscape is littered with the carcasses of musicians and bands who thought all they had to do is stay true to the music and all the rest would just naturally follow. Sorry, but no.

Talent won’t cut it — there are zillions of talented people out there, and just looking around will amply demonstrate it isn’t always the most talented who come out on top.

Hard work won’t cut it — you can work yourself practically to death and have nothing to show for it… unless you work smart. You need a plan, you need to know how to measure the success of your efforts and you need the discipline to focus your attention on the things that are working for you instead of wasting time on fun but nonproductive activities.

Waiting for a stroke of luck won’t cut it — the people who are most “lucky” are the people who worked the hardest to make that luck happen. Just sitting around waiting for lightning to strike is great if you want to spend the rest of your career as a starving artist. If, on the other hand, you’re one of those artists who prefer to eat every now and then, you might not want to pin all your hopes on the fabled “lucky break.”

So what makes Mom qualified to talk about all this?

Well, as it happens Mom is (ahem) “very closely related” to Diane Aull, a small business marketing consultant. Diane’s got loads of experience helping entrepreneurs who are short on cash devise marketing plans to get the word out about their business, to attract more customers (fans!) and to sell more of their product or services.

Diane is married to Paul Barton, a former working musician and current recording studio owner. One day when talking to Paul about the difficulties faced by some of his studio clients in selling their music, booking gigs and getting fans to attend their shows, Diane realized these concerns were pretty much the same kinds of things her small business clients dealt with every day.

And the advice that made a difference for small business owners could — with a few minor modifications — be equally useful for musicians looking to make a living with their art.

And thus Mom, and this blog, were born. So read. Take notes. Ask questions. Make comments. And get out there and give this music career thing a shot. You’ve got a Stagemom right here behind you, giving you the occasional push, nagging you from time to time, and rooting for your success every step of the way.